Artist statement


I am a deeply philosophical and spiritual woman who has always felt a connection with nature, music, poetry and art.

I work as a psychotherapist (soon to retire) and started painting for the first time at the age of 64. I am dedicated to both of these pursuits and truly grateful for them.

Process is everything. I am interested in what emerges from being present, aware and open to possibilities, free from expectation. By just putting paint down and experimenting, I find out what happens and in this way my paintings have developed.

As a painter, I often have no specific intention at the outset. I fully trust the process and work with what emerges. I gradually craft my paintings into images that I hope will be atmospheric and evocative and that will hold the viewer’s gaze. Although this could be described as ‘working from imagination’, my experience is of something deeper and transcendent and far bigger than either me or the painting. In the space between the two is the profound and the wordless which I have to honour here. The joy of the process, of being in the flow, is that discovery is beautiful and there is no end to it.

I am a regular exhibitor at The Art Yard Gallery, Cradley Heath B64 5HX and a member of the Midland Art Group.